Friday, 3 July 2009

The Apocalyptic Post - The 1st Post

Welcome to my corner of 'Post Apocalyptia' - I've started this blog as a way to ferrit out all the great works of post apocalyptic art, news and humour thats out there.

So why my interest in Post Apocalytic stuff? I've always had a strong drawing to it - not neccessarily about how the apocalypse comes, but how we deal with the aftermath. Post Apocalyptists get a clean state to start over - with the reminder how both how great society was and the struggle to not repeat past mistakes.

I will try to keep this blog on track to stay true to the Post Apocalyptic topics, not Apocalyptic or Dystopian topics. A quick recap on this:
  • Apocalyptic: Of, or relating to an apocalypse; Portending future disaster, devastation and doom; Revelatory or prophetic
  • Dystopian: Polar opposite of utopia. A society in which social and/or technological trends have contributed to a corrupted or degraded state.
  • Post Apocalytpic: Depiction of life after a global disaster such as a nuclear holocaust, alien invasion, or ecological collapse.
While there is plenty of crossover between each one - I will try to represent the Post Apocalyptic world here.

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