Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Post Apocalyptic Caravans

Ah what the post Apocalyptic world be without some form of Motorhome or Caravan. Recently Bethesda Softworks (of the Fallout 3 game fame) gave away their Airstream to Charity and long with some other Post Apocalyptic goodies.

Here are some pics:

From the Game:

This the pic of the airstream from

Thats all fine and well, but what would a camper look like when its been abandoned for awhile? Check out these great pics from a small abandoned caravan in the UK:

A few years ago, in dense woodland a few miles from my home, I discovered a caravan. Encircled by trees and undergrowth, and over a mile from the nearest road, its presence was utterly incongruous, with few clues as to how or why it had come to rest at this point. For almost a year, I kept my distance, fearful it was inhabited by a hermit and that I would be chased away if I ventured too close. Eventually, I investigated further and discovered that it was empty; its furnishings intact, but no sign of human inhabitants. Sadly, the door was locked, and so I gave it little thought for several months. [link]

Or perhaps caravans will take a more montumental approach, as with the Airstream Ranch in Florida:

Just west of exit 10 on I-4 is a strange grouping of vacation trailers that look to be growing out of the ground. I believe it is only visible from the interstate, though. [Ken Storey, 01/15/2008]

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