Friday, 16 October 2009

Post Apocalyptic Polaroids

Is there any better film for the apocalypse than Polaroid? Polaroid was a marvel of modern technology that perhaps died before its time. Perhaps it will be resurrected? Anyways, Polaroids are the choice of the Post Apocalyptic generation! From an artistic point of view the soft focus, light leaks and other imperfections give Polaroid film much more character than its digital equivalents.

Some of these polaroids aren't particularly 'proper' post apocalyptic - but they all post apocalyptic elements:

Sunday, 11 October 2009

What to wear at the end of the world (Post Apocalyptic fashion for Blokes)

So you are guy, presumably metrosexual, what you gonna where when the Apocalypse comes 'round? Check out The Tijana Pavlov Spring 2010 Menswear - the have all stylings for your modern post apocalyptic. You'll need to travel to Croatia for this (hey you gotta to end of world to dress for the end of the world):
The Tijana Pavlov Spring 2010 menswear collection shown at Cro-a-Porter in Zagreb, Croatia follows the post-apocalyptic theme she alluded to in her Fall 2009 ad campaign. The overall mood of the line is somber, with black and gray playing starring roles, accented by futuristic pink eyewear and the occasional flash of silver.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cassandra - Polish Post Apocalyptic Film

Poland seems to be great place for Post Apocalyptic stuff - after all they got the brunt of 2 fronts in World War 2, not too much several decades of communism. Check out this up and coming post apocalyptic film called Cassandra from the country - this was source via Quiet Earth so check out that site for the latest updates.

A breakdown of about the upcoming film:

Cassandra is a stark and brooding film, with constant unexpected twists adapted from Marek Baraniecki's cult science-fiction short story GÅ‚owa Kasandry (The Head of Cassandra). It?s set in a post-apocalyptic world, laid waste by a global conflict. One of the saved, Theodore Hornic, helps the few survivors by disarming the remaining missiles which lurk menacingly in underground silos. The abandoned missiles may spring to life at a moment?s notice, raining down death and destruction on the last remnants of humankind. The legend of the Missile of Ultimate Retribution is the only thing that now gives Hornic?s life meaning. That missile is the mythical Cassandra; the most powerful weapon ever invented. When Hornic finds Cassandra, reality will turn out to be even more horrifying than anything he could have imagined in his worst nightmares.