Friday, 15 January 2010

Gold and Silver in the Apocalypse

If you haven't read this post already, today's fiat money will be worthless during the apocalypse (most say that its worthless now anyway. The blogger slams gold and silver as being worthless; here are Survive the Apocalypse's top forms of currency:
  • Ammunition
  • Gasoline
  • Cigarettes
  • Spices
  • Antibiotics
  • Seeds
  • Knowledge
So will gold and silver worthless during the Apocalypse? If you read the story Alas, Babylon, you would recall a scavenger whose collected gold and silver in hopes that when society and governments are fully restored. Unfortunately he became deathly sick from the high rate of radiation that was absorbed from these precious metals.

Saving precious metals in hopes of it getting restored as form of official currency is probably not the best idea. However, are these metals totally worthless? Lets look at some practical uses of Gold and Silver.
  • Both gold and silver are extremely malleable. So while they might not be useful for chopping wood, they can be used for more intricate machinery. Gold is the most malleable of the metal. Because of Silver and gold can both be used for dentistry, although I don't this this profession will gain any more love from its patients after the apocalypse
  • Both Gold and Silver are extremely conductive, silver being the most conductive metal known. If you can get sort of post apocalyptic battery going, silver is a good choice. Gold because its very difficult to corrode is also good choice.
  • Silver is well known for its medicinal uses and antibacterial properties. Just be careful about drinking silver, or you'll look like a smurf.
  • If you have an aircraft or special generator, you can use silver iodide to seed clouds for rain. Just make sure its not radioactive rain!
  • Silver fulinate is powerful explosive.
  • If photography is ever needed in the apocalypse, forget your digital stuff, film photography, which is based on silver compounds, will be the way to go. *
So in the Apocalypse, I might prioritise food, but I wouldn't neglect gold or silver if I would come across it scavenger or getting a cheap deal during bartering.

Breathe: A Post Apocalyptic Short Film

Just found this on Flickr - Breathe by Warner Brown. Its 16mm short film, here is the blurb from vimeo:

Post-apocalyptic World War 4 Earth is divided by oxygen "breathable zones." A downed rebel pilot, pursued by government agents, fights for his life.
Breathe: A post-apocalyptic sci-fi short.
Format: 16mm
Starring Krishna Chaitanya.
Written & directed by Warner Brown.
Original soundtrack and digital effects created & composed by Warner Brown. Part of the upcoming "Jettison" series based 20 years before the era in this short.

The video quality seems a bit choppy and unfortunately I couldn't get any sound. It seems to have some sci fi elements to it as well. Check it out below

Breathe: A Post-Apocalyptic Short from Warner Brown on Vimeo.