Friday, 7 May 2010

Hodgepodge of recent Post Apocalyptic Links

Unfortunately I haven't had time to write proper posts in while but here are some interesting links I've found in interesting in past month or so.

  • Post Apocalyptic Fiction for Young Adults - Twenty Years Later is an online book - I haven't read this yet but looks interesting.
  • Watery Apocalypse - No not water world, but its actually a factually account by Hurricane Katrina survivor and a survivor of middle eastern origin... I've ordered this from Amazon
  • Duck and Cover Comic - an epic comedy adventure set in a post-nuclear future with no human survivors. The world is now populated by feuding tribes of mutated animals, and an unlikely bond forms between a warrior duck and giant brained earthworm on a quest to salvage Earth.

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  1. Sorry if I've already sent one of these to you, but wanted to invite you and any of your readers to a new post-apocalyptic forum we're starting.

    Hope to see you over there.