Thursday, 17 June 2010

This Apocalypse ends with the Rain

Its 2039, and the barren wastes of Australia are flooded by watery Apocalypse. Fish are believed to be extinct; only rumours of their existence persist. So is it a miracle when a fish falls from sky in the middle of the outback, a day before a father will meet his son he abandoned at the age of seven?

"When the Rain Stops Falling", a play by Andrew Bovell is a masterfully woven post apocalypic of both tragedy and hope. Like the book 'The Road', the post apocalyptic world take place in the background; it adds to the ambience of the play but does take centre stage. What does take centre stage are 3 generations of family where tragedy, abuse and ultimately redemption is found.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing this play performed - I must say that its quite powerful stuff. It reminded how powerful live theatre is: I can't recall the last time a movie made the hair on skin raise, but it happened several times during the play.

Below is promotional clip of the play.

And a very special thanks to Kyrie O'Connor, who was kind enough to point out the inadequacy of my grammar. Thanks for the link!